Home Automation Controls Give You Greater Control of Your Home

Home Automation Controls Give You Greater Control of Your Home

Stop worrying about whether you locked the doors or left the thermostat turned up. With home automation control, you can manage systems like alarms, thermostats, door locks, security cameras, interior lights and even home audio, all from your smartphone or other Internet-ready device. You can also program your home automation controllers to do the work for you, automatically turning up the thermostat before you arrive home from work or turning on the lights as you approach your driveway. Convenience and peace of mind from Protection 1 .

Home Security

What can you control with home automation? For starters, use home automation controllers to ensure that your home stays safe and secure even when you are away. Use your remote access systems to confirm that your doors are locked, then take a quick glance at your indoor and outdoor security cameras to make sure everything is okay. You can even unlock your home remotely, eliminating the need for spare keys that can be lost or stolen.

Potential Energy Savings

Your thermostat and your interior/exterior lights can drain energy while you are away. Save money by using home automation control to help manage your energy use. Program your thermostat to only warm or cool your home right before your family returns from work and school. If someone in your home accidentally left a light on, turn it off directly from your smartphone. Use your home automation controllers to turn the lights on as you pull into the garage, creating a welcoming, energy-saving environment for you and your family.

Other Benefits of Home Automation Controllers

Other benefits of home automation controllers include the ability to connect your doorbell to your smartphone and receive a notification every time it rings. Trust the automated fire and carbon monoxide alarms to help keep your family safe. Even program your thermostat to warm up your home just before it is time to make that first cup of coffee. What can you control with home automation?

Manage your lights, thermostats, door locks, energy use, doorbells, indoor and outdoor cameras, home alarms and home security. All of this can be done from a smartphone remotely, or even a web browser, giving you peace of mind and greater control of your home.