The Top 10 Home Security Benefits

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Investing in a quality home security system gives you peace of mind and so much more. In addition to the heightened security, Protection 1 offers the highest standard of customer service for each client. View these top 10 benefits you get when choosing a Protection 1 package.

Crime Deterrence

If you have a security system, your possessions and your own safety are much more secure. Research shows that homes without a security system have triple the risk of a break-in as homes that have one.

Discounts on Homeowner’s Insurance

Because you are reducing the risk of loss and damage, your homeowner’s insurance carrier is likely to offer a discount if you have a monitored system. Inform your provider of your security system, and reap the savings.

Increase in Home Value

When you put your house up for sale, many buyers see your monitored system as an asset. If your security apparatus includes motion detectors and cameras, the value often goes up even more.

Increase in Safety

Even if you do experience a break-in while your system is monitored, the noise of the alarm frightens off burglars the vast majority of the time. The alarm sounds in your house and on your phone, so you are alerted even while away. Additionally, the fully-monitored system sends an alert to Protection 1 representatives who alert the proper authorities of the threat.

Shorter Arrival Times for Emergency Personnel

Police, fire and ambulance personnel all work hard to respond to each call, but if you have a monitoring company report the disturbance or emergency immediately a Protection 1 representative is able to respond to the threat in under 20 seconds of the alarm activation.

Monitored Security When You are Away

Use your system to monitor what is going on while you’re away. Are your teenagers having a party? Is the neighbor coming by to feed your cat as promised? Knowing these answers reduces stress significantly.

A Safer Neighborhood

The more people in your neighborhood who have alarms, the greater protection the entire neighborhood has. Nine out of 10 convicted burglars admit to avoiding homes that have a protection system.

Detection of Unseen Enemies

Because Protection 1 has taken the innovative step of linking smoke and carbon monoxide detectors with a 24/7 monitoring station, you get the help you need more quickly than with traditional detectors.

Pet Safety

Communicating with emergency response professionals through decals that tell them to look for a pet inside is another benefit of home security, because it keeps your cats, dogs and other furry friends safe even when fire strikes and you are away.

Timed Lighting

Having timed indoor lighting set while you are away is the final benefit of having a monitored security system. Turn on timed lights while you are on vacation, or turn on your lights while driving home.

The perks are not limited to the top 10 home security benefits. Contact a Protection 1 representative today for more information.