Home Security 101: How Your System Works

Protection 1 monitoring center

This crash course explains how the home security systems offered by Protection 1 operate, from state-of-the-art detection equipment to professional monitoring services and creative apps that keep you updated about events at your home.

Detection Equipment

Detecting intruders is security 101, but many residential security companies only install house alarms for doors, leaving windows and other entries unprotected. Protection 1 monitors your entire home with a selection of sensors that fit your property. Glass-breakage sensors protect patios and large windows by detecting the sound of breaking glass. Other sensors detect when windows or doors are opened, while special garage-door sensors detect when this entry is opened or tampered with. Motion-sensor lights deter break-in attempts by illuminating backyards and porches, while motion detectors inside the home protect large rooms and non-traditional means of entry. Protection 1 sensors are wireless, tamper-proof and discrete for easy installation.


Security cameras are a powerful deterrent against burglars, who target locations where they are least likely to get caught. Thieves know that video surveillance is valuable evidence for law enforcement, so when they see a camera, they leave. Protection 1 installs wireless high-resolution cameras both indoors and out with features including night vision and tilting cameras that pan. Video also helps you identify false alarms. Live camera feeds are viewable from your smartphone or PC, letting you investigate unusual noises from a safe distance.


Protection 1 provides monitoring services around the clock and maintains five UL-listed monitoring centers that are networked to give you the fastest response times. If your alarm is triggered, your local monitoring station is immediately notified and evaluates the situation, alerting local authorities if necessary. When you call, the monitoring station answers with an average response time of under ten seconds. It also keeps your emergency contact on record if you are unreachable. In the event an emergency takes your monitoring station off-line, Protection 1 maintains a staffed disaster recovery center ready to take over.

Redundancies and Backups

Protection 1 monitoring services are designed with redundancies to continue operating during an emergency. In the event of a power outage, your home security system keypad and most sensors function normally on backup battery power, and the keypad has optional cellular service for you to directly call the monitoring station if your land line is not working. Protection 1 also offers real time alerts that you create from the app to be notified of certain events. Receive a text if a window is left open or the motion detector senses activity at night.

The residential security systems from Protection 1 monitor your entire property with unique sensors for movement and sound, so you are protected on multiple fronts. This advanced equipment is monitored at all times by the dedicated teams at Protection 1 with redundancies in place in case of emergencies. Innovative software encourages creative ways to watch over and puts you in charge on the home front.