Homeowner Security Tips

Protection 1 technician holding security camera

The basics of home security involve securing your perimeter and recognizing your weak points so that you can strengthen them. These homeowner security tips help you cover the basics while providing more specifics that you can apply to your home and minimize your risk.

Maintaining Your Perimeter

Use large numbers on your home and mailbox stating your house number. Ideally, these numbers reflect light so that emergency services see them clearly when responding to an emergency. Lighting is an important element of basic home security as well. Make sure that all your exterior lights work properly and are turned on after dark. Consider motion sensor lights if you don�t already have them. Because they activate when someone approaches your home, they protect you without becoming a burden on your energy bill. Protection 1 can install them the same day you call or the next day at the latest.

Securing Doors and Windows

Your doors and windows form the backbone of your home defense. An important security tip is to check them regularly to make sure that nothing is broken and that everything closes and locks correctly. Replace any cracked or broken windows as soon as you discover them. Likewise, keep valuables away from your windows so that potential burglars cannot see them from outside the house. Use drapes or blinds to protect your privacy at night and throughout the day while you are away.

Proper Equipment

A staple of a good security system is the equipment in your house. Ensure that you are using tamper-proof locks and broken glass sensors with your security system. This ensures that any forced entry is detected and responded to immediately. Additionally, correctly placed motion sensors and security cameras ensure that your house is protected � inside and out. The presence of security cameras often stop thieves at the street.

Planning for Vacations

Using timers when you are away is another homeowner security tip. Plan your security system so that lights turn on and off throughout the day and night. Have the post office hold your mail and temporarily suspend any newspaper subscriptions, or have a friend collect everything daily. Avoid announcing your vacation on social media as well, because this is an invitation for potential thieves. Never make it obvious that no one is home.

Protection 1 is always available to answer your questions and to offer more security tips through its five call centers and over 90 branches nationwide. Home security starts with good habits. However, Protection 1 offers various options for further home protection planning.