The Benefits of an Interactive Security System for Your Home

The Benefits of an Interactive Security System for Your Home

Good security is an important aspect of a safe household, but outdated home security systems give you little control of what happens in your home when you are away. An interactive security system from Protection 1 gives you complete access to, and control of, every part of your home security system. Complete with user-friendly mobile apps, interactive security makes it easier than ever to access home security from virtually anywhere.

Security System Control from Anywhere with Mobile Apps

Control your home remotely with mobile apps that give you complete access to your home security system from your iPhone, Blackberry, Android or other smart phone as well as your iPad or other tablet. Control your outdoor cameras, set outdoor lighting and indoor temperature, or arm and disarm your system with the touch of your finger. Mobile apps ensure that you have complete access to your home whether you are at the office, on vacation or in your car. Online apps are also available for secure control from your Internet-connected desktop or laptop computer, further expanding your ability to maintain control.

Instant Awareness for a Faster Response

The mobile apps from Protection 1 include customizable text or email alerts that use sensors to let you know when important events take place, such as a family member disarming the system or movement detected at the back door. This interactive security allows you to respond to any situation from the safety of your smart phone. Notify one of five Protection 1 call centers of suspicious activity, or unlock the door for a pet-sitter or visiting relatives.

Remote Video Monitoring for Peace of Mind

Whether you want to keep an eye on pets, children or elderly relatives, remote video surveillance gives you peace of mind and helps you to respond quickly to potential situations. Watch live video streaming from up to six cameras to know what is happening in your home 24/7. You can also opt to receive event-driven text notifications on your smart phone with images to alert you to important activity in or near your home.

Foolproof Connection at All Times

Wireless interactive security via a mobile app ensures you remain in control should your Internet or phone line stop functioning. You also receive text or email alerts if there is suspected tampering of your control panel. Additionally, a 24-hour battery backup ensures your system is up and running even during power outages. This constant connectivity helps you to secure your home even if your home security system is down.

Tailored Technology

Interactive security from Protection 1 also uses smart technology that makes using mobile apps even more convenient. Through repeated use, the system learns your patterns and is able to make recommendations to help optimize your energy usage. It will also send you a notifications letting you know if you’ve forgotten to arm your security system.

Interactive security from Protection 1 helps give you complete control and peace of mind from anywhere.

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