Help in Times of Trouble: Should You Install a Medical Alert System?

Senior man with boy and girl

Do you ever worry about your safety while living alone, or is your family overly concerned about your health and well-being? Solving both issues, medical alarm systems are there to rescue you in case of sudden trouble. Consider these main factors to help you determine if you need a medical alert system in your home.

Rate of Mobility

According to the CDC, one in every three seniors experiences a fall each year. If you have fallen before or are worried about falling while alone, then a medical alert system is right for you. Simply push your medical alert alarm button and Protection 1 alerts the authorities.

Present Health Conditions

Consider the state of your health when making your choice. People who have serious health conditions, such as osteoporosis, diabetes, arthritis and heart disease, are excellent candidates for medical alarm systems. Individuals who are prone to heart attacks, strokes and other health issues can reach out for help in seconds with a medical alert system.

Level of Dependency

Whether you live by yourself or with someone else, obtaining help when you need it is crucial. Medical alarm systems are a convenient outlet for contacting help in emergency medical situations or whenever your life is at risk. A medical alert system makes independent living easier. If you suffer from a disability and live alone, you are even more likely to find that an alarm system eases concerns about your safety.

Need for Reliable Aid

Modern technology makes it possible for anyone to feel secure in their home at any age. Protection 1 offers 24-hour customer service for your medical alert system, which allows you to rely on it in case you ever need help. This lets you depend on your medical alert system when you need it most, and Protection 1 faithfully serves more than 17,000 cities nationwide.

It is important to make honest assessments when deciding if a medical alert system is right for your needs. For some, especially in extreme cases, medical alarm systems make all of the difference. For others, they provide the necessary tools to feel comfortable in the home. Do not place your life on the line by ignoring your level of vulnerability, and do not allow you or your family members to worry unnecessarily. Ensure your safety and health by using a medical alert system to support your life and maintain your independent lifestyle.

†Fall detection feature do not detect 100% of falls.