How to Stay Secure in a Micro Home

Micro home

The micro home movement continues to grow around the United States. Americans are joining the micro housing movement to save money and enjoy a better overall lifestyle. A micro home is typically under 400 square feet and according to, the average American home is around 2,500 square feet. About half of an American’s wages are used to put a roof over their heads and pay for electricity, gas and water. Americans seeking alternatives are investing in a 100 to 400 square-foot home so they no longer have to live paycheck-to-paycheck and be forever in debt.

While the affordability and allure of a micro home is hard to deny, this new trend does raise a few questions. Have these homeowners given much thought about how to protect their tiny property from unwanted trespassers and burglars? Without the proper security features, micro homes are defenseless to thieves. If you own a micro home, it’s important to follow these home security tips to protect you and your tiny home.

Start with observing your property’s weak spots. Some micro homes have wheels installed and are easily transported, just like a mobile home. However, this can make a micro home more vulnerable to theft. With such a small home, thieves can break in or even steal the entire home within minutes.

Micro homes are also inherently compact, which means the entire home is easily accessible; anyone can see the inside and spot entry points in no time. Thieves want a quick and easy target and these easily targeted tiny homes are often located near low traffic areas and even in rougher neighborhoods. Burglars single out homes that are typically vacant on a regular basis. What keeps those thieves and trespassers away from your property are home security systems.

Thankfully, home security solutions are available to secure homes of all sizes. Even with a tiny home under 400 sq. ft., you can still get the security you and your home deserve. A system that provides you with 24/7 professional monitoring, a touch screen control panel, image motion sensors that take a picture of any disturbance and directly emails or texts you the image is highly recommended.

Want a home security system that is low cost and requires minimal labor to install? Do-it-yourself options are available as well. DIY security systems have no equipment fees and require zero money down. You save money and it only takes minutes to install it. Many micro homeowners have built their own tiny home and prefer to do all of the labor to save a buck. This type of system is ideal and you’ll be amazed by how quickly it can be installed.

Another way to protect your micro home is by adding video surveillance. Security cameras allow you to view all camera footage online from a computer or mobile device, live and/or over a specific time period. You can keep an eye on your micro home while at work or out of town. You’ll be able to receive email or text alerts of any disturbances and watch what is happening online.

The micro homes movement is changing the lives of Americans; no longer will they have a long-term mortgage by living in homes society tells us are the norm. However, we live in a world where crime happens on an everyday basis. Tiny home dwellers should pay close attention to how they can maintain a safe living space for years to come.

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