The Top 5 Most Secure Homes in the World

Home with a security fence

Ever wondered what it would be like to be a billionaire and live in a multi-million dollar mansion? These billionaires definitely know how to protect their stunning homes and assets. These homeowners go above and beyond to fortify their luxury homes. Move over Fort Knox, these top five examples of incredibly secure homes will teach you a thing or two about heavy-duty security.

The Corbi family in Los Angeles:

According to Forbes, in the Hills of Hollywood the Corbi family lives in a fortress of protection. No need to fear those rough California earthquakes—the house structure has reinforced steel concrete that goes thirty feet deep underground. This home is locked down so tightly that sensors sound an alarm when a trespasser is over a half mile away from the property. The Corbis have a panic room that is the size of a typical American home, around 2,500 square feet. The Corbi family rests easily at night in their protective fortress of a home.

Buckingham Palace, The Queen of England’s home:

Buckingham Palace has 775 rooms, over 1,500 doors and over 700 windows. This billion dollar palace has 24/7 foot and horse guards from the British Army posted inside and outside the royal home. In fear of terrorist attacks, panic rooms that are made of 18 inches of steel were built throughout the palace to protect the royal family. There would probably be more panic rooms and high tech security installed in Buckingham Palace but Prince Philip disagrees with some of the security measures. He, in fact, refuses to go in a panic room if he is instructed to do so. With all the British Army posted around the palace, why need a panic room at all?

The Zombie Bunker:

This home is known as “the zombie bunker,” which is used for the worst end of the world scenarios—such as a meteor striking the earth or other natural earth disasters, and of course, the more unrealistic disasters like the zombie apocalypse. This home is so strong and protected that it is made entirely out of the strongest concrete with a thick protective shield made out of a specially designed iron. The concrete and iron shields are designed to block every window and entrance. Every night this “zombie bunker” changes from a futuristic looking house into a solid block. The architects of KWK Promes designed this realistic end-of-the-world bunker. It sounds like these architects have watched one too many episodes of The Walking Dead.

Fair Field Estate in the Hamptons:

One of the most expensive and secure homes in the United States is located in the New York Hamptons. This billionaire home is owned by the Fair Field Estate. It is so massive and secure that a nearby power plant was created just to power this mega mansion and the security. Billionaire Ira Rennert has over $500 million dollars’ worth of priceless art located in this Hamptons mansion. A mega-high-tech security gate was installed for this billionaire mansion to protect the priceless assets.

The White House:

We cannot forget the White House, home of our president. The White House has 147 bulletproof windows and is staffed by 1,300 members of the United States Secret Service. An entire swat team is positioned on the roof any time the president leaves or enters the White House. If that is not enough protection for the president of the United States, there is a “President Emergency Operations Center,” located six stories beneath The White House. It is used for the president to escape a crisis which still allows him to undergo his duties and perform any important top secret decisions.

While it may be unrealistic for everyone to protect their home like this, plenty of security options are available to keep your home secure, and your family protected with the latest technology. Smart home security systems are changing every aspect of home security as we know it, and allow you to secure your home remotely from a computer or mobile device. From your mobile phone you can control every aspect of your home, such as arming and disarming the security system, control lighting and thermostat, automatically lock and unlock doors, and also receive email and text alerts for changes in status. You can also receive alerts at any sign of a movement or disturbance. You may not be a billionaire or the queen of England, but securing your home can still be made effortless and affordable.

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