Pet-friendly Home Automation and Security That Helps Put Your Mind at Ease

Pet-friendly Home Automation and Security That Puts Your Mind at Ease

A few long days at work, a family vacation or a quick weekend getaway, all of these bring different concerns when you are a pet owner. Having a pet-friendly home which is secure helps you leave the house with confidence. Your pet’s comfort and safety is important, while also balancing protection for your home. Pet-friendly security systems with home monitoring protect both while providing extra benefits.

Keep Pets Comfortable

Pet-friendly security systems help make it easy to help ensure your favorite four-legged friend stays comfortable even when you are not at home. Remotely adjust temperatures and lights so you never have to worry that your family pets are too hot or too cold. From pet-proof fire protection to poison protection, monitor your pet’s environment from anywhere via remote access on your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Disarm Remotely for Pet Sitters

When you are away from home for more than a few hours, your pets still need attention, love and care. Having pet-friendly systems in place allows you to keep your pets in familiar surroundings while making it easy to disarm your security system remotely. Pet sitters and dog walkers just need to give you a quick call or text message, and you can remotely disarm security to grant access.

Provide Pet Safety from Environmental Hazards

Pet-friendly home automation and security helps keep your beloved family pets safe from a host of environmental dangers. With Protection 1, you get a widespread system of customer service centers that will help remotely monitor your home for smoke and carbon monoxide detection. Further, window decals alerting first responders to the presence of pets help ensure your pets get the same help and care you do in emergencies.

Help Prevent Pet-triggered False Alarms

Pet-friendly home automation and security lets you arm your security systems without worry over false alarms being triggered if you give your pet free reign of the house when you are away. Smart technology provides sensors that offer pet-friendly security with no false triggers as long as your pet is less than 40 pounds. Even if your four-legged family member weighs more, other innovative options can help you make your security system as pet safe and friendly as possible.

Pet-friendly security systems can take the worry out of leaving your pets at home. Not only can you rest easy knowing your pets are well-protected, but you can save on expensive boarding fees. Pet-friendly automation and security provides comfort, protection and security to every member of your family, regardless of their species.

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