Pet Safety Tips Free Download

Pet Safety Tips Free Download

Pets keep us healthy on the inside and out. Their warm loving personalities bring laughter and smiles to our faces. There are also health benefits in owning a pet. Studies show that pet owners, on an average, showed lower stress levels, especially if they have a higher-quality relationship with their pets.

Since our pets take such great care of us, let’s return the favor and make sure they are safe and sound at home.

  • Electrical Outlets
    Cover electrical outlets and tape down loose cords so your pets don't chew on them.
  • Identification
    Give your pet a collar that has your address on it in case they get lost so they can be returned safely.
  • Hazardous Plants
    Make sure your mulch, plants, and fertilizer are pet safe. Many household plants can make pets sick.
  • Trash
    Secure trash can lids so pets don't rummage through it.
  • Windows
    Keep windows closed or ensure screens are secured so pets don't get out
  • Fire
    500,000 pets are affected by home fires annually.

How P1 Can Help

Download and print out our Pet Safety Tips and hang it up somewhere where the entire household can see!And don’t forget to give your puppy hugs and your kitties kisses to keep your pets happy and your stress levels low!

Free Pet Safety Tips Download

Pet Safety Tips Download