Four Reasons to Invest in a Remote Thermostat

View looking down on living room with fireplace

A remote thermostat is part of a growing collection of appliances that help you monitor and manage your home’s energy use. Simple to use, yet technologically sophisticated, these programmable thermostats use remote sensors to detect changes in the ambient temperature or humidity throughout your home. When you enable alarms, your remote thermostat notifies you of potential problems before they arise. Just connect to your Wi-Fi-enabled smartphone, tablet or notebook, and you have the ability to leave your home confident that your smart thermostat is in control.

Get Optimal Convenience

With a remote thermostat, you no longer need to worry about whether you remembered to turn your heater or air-conditioner off when you left for work or programmed it to go on before you get home. Set-it-and-forget-it technology helps keep your home at the temperature you want all day long. Remote thermostats feature sensors that detect minute changes in temperature or humidity and adjust themselves automatically. Moreover, with Internet connectivity, change your settings from almost anywhere using your laptop, tablet or smartphone so you never waste energy cooling or heating an empty home.

Protect Your Valuables

In addition to whole-home control, with remote thermostats, you can set individual parameters for each room, an important feature for those who have temperature or moisture-sensitive valuables such as a wine or art collection. Whether you are in the next room or miles away, remote sensors detect sudden changes in temperature or humidity and notify you of potential problems, giving you time to act before property loss or damage occurs. This same technology detects issues, such as power failures, floods or even a fire. It detects anything that may cause a sudden temperature or humidity change and gets the information to you in real time.

Manage Your Energy Costs

Keeping your home’s temperature within preset parameters can be an effective method of managing energy costs. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the average homeowner can help save on their yearly energy bills simply by installing a programmable thermostat in his home. Add a smart thermostat with mobile applications that analyze your energy use, and you may realize more savings over time.

Enhance Your Peace of Mind

Although many homeowners manage their remote thermostats themselves, if you travel or are difficult to reach by phone for any reason, coupling a remote thermostat with a home alarm system can give you extra security while you are away. Many home security companies will help monitor your remote thermostat, respond to alarms and alert first-responders to temperature changes that may signal trouble in your home.

Remote thermostats are part of a new generation of Web-enabled home appliances that provide homeowners with energy savings, added convenience and greater peace of mind. Manage the system yourself or choose a third party to do it for you. Regardless of the option you choose, innovative technology makes these smart thermostats easy to set up and even easier to manage with your laptop, tablet or smartphone.