Safety Solutions for Rural Properties

Rural Safety

When you think of a rural setting, do you picture the calm and idyllic sights of rolling tumbleweeds and billowing clouds? What about cities? Do you conjure up images of flashing police lights and vandals masquerading in the night? While many people balk at the idea of city-living and consider a rural surrounding much safer, the opposite is in fact true.

In a 2013 article, Time magazine asserted that rural area living is actually more dangerous than living in a big city. According to the article, violent crimes and accidental deaths are 20% more likely to happen in the country than in city living. The article additionally claimed that living far away from civilization means police or paramedic assistance can take two to three times longer than in the city. These reasons mean that rural dwellers need to be especially mindful of their property.

Thankfully, there are an array of safety solutions that will keep you safe and serene in your rural home.

Under Lock and Key

Relying strictly on standard door locks is antiquated in any setting these days, but becomes dangerous for anyone living on the outskirts of town. With the majority of burglaries occurring from forced entry, outdated means of security are just not cutting it any longer. Additionally, burglars will have the advantage of being able to take more time breaking into a property - due to the lack of neighborhoods and constant car congestion.

Today, smart door locks and smart door bells are a necessity when trying to stop burglars in their tracks. With smart door lock technology, home owners can help ensure that their family and property are safe no matter where they are. The ability to remotely lock and unlock your doors offers another layer of security that can help deter even the most stubborn intruders.

Lights, Camera, Caught

When it comes to keeping your rural property safe, there is no better duo than sophisticated video surveillance and lighting. The ability to see, hear, and be aware of any potential threat can help keep your home secure.

First, video surveillance can give you an insight into what happens in and around your property. Smart video surveillance systems can help you have control over your cameras. This means that you can access a live feed of your property from any smart phone, tablet, or computer. Which help enable you to take the proper actions in the event that there is any suspicious activity.

Today’s video surveillance technology also includes motion-activated photography features. If there is any movement or disturbance, your security cameras will pick it up, and you will even be sent a picture of the disturbance through email or text.

Further, no law breaker wants to be caught on camera. At the first site of a security camera, trespassers often go elsewhere. With video surveillance, sometimes looks are everything; the intimidating presence of cameras can help deter even the most experienced burglars.

Rural properties also suffer from a severe lack of artificial light at night. However, smart lighting solutions are aiming to solve that problem. Having control of your whole property’s lighting system can give you a huge advantage. These systems can be programmed from any smart phone or computer to turn on and off with the tap of a finger. Geo-Services can also send you reminders to adjust your lighting as well. Additionally, outdoor lighting helps deters furry pests such as raccoons. This can help protect your livestock from unwelcome intruders.

Rural Health Concerns

Another possible detriment to living off the beaten path concerns personal health. For example: many of us have elderly relatives that live in rural areas. So, what happens if they have a nasty fall or experience the signs of a heart attack? Medical alert panic buttons are designed to help give you and your elderly relatives comfort that they are not alone, even when they live far from civilization. These medical alert devices can be the difference between life and death, as they promptly alert medical and police help in the event of an emergency.

Country living can be a wonderful and peaceful way to live, but does not mean that you are invulnerable to theft, vandalism, break-ins, and personal health concerns. Investing in the right security solutions for your rural property is the best defense against potential dangers. With these various tools and tips in your arsenal, you won’t become just another statistic in the many cases of rural break in’s and home violence.