Safety Tips for Seniors to Improve Life at Home

Senior man spreading jelly on cookies with young girl

Senior citizens living at home need to take special precautions to ensure they remain safe, healthy and happy, protecting themselves while giving loved ones peace of mind. The four safety tips for seniors listed here are essential, practical solutions for a safe and secure home environment. Take the following measures suggested by these safety tips to prevent accidents and protect yourself during emergencies.

Place No-slip Mats Throughout Your Home

One of the most important safety tips that seniors can follow is to place no-slip mats on the steps of staircases, on wooden or tile floors, near the kitchen sink, in the bathtub and near other key areas of the home. Pay special attention to areas that may become wet and slippery. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one in three individuals over the age of 65 has a fall within a one-year period. Enjoy peace of mind when you use no-slip mats and no-slip linings for rugs.

Utilize Medical Alarm Systems

Medical alarm systems are excellent tools to keep you safe, and they are especially helpful if you live alone. To ensure you always have your medical alarm system on hand, consider using a medical alert device, which is a compact device that you can wear around your neck, wrist or clipped onto clothing. This device includes a remote emergency button that alerts a Protection 1 monitoring center in case of a medical situation or suspicious activity.

Use Automated Lights

Instead of stumbling in the dark for a light switch, opt for automated lights that use motion sensors to turn on as you enter the room. These motion-sensing lights are available for indoor and outdoor use, and you can even program your lights to turn on automatically when the garage door opens. You may also program your automated lights to turn on when you are not home to give the illusion of occupancy.

Check Important Monitoring Devices Regularly

Monitoring devices such as smoke/heat detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are essential in keeping you and your loved ones safe and secure. That is why one of the key safety tips that seniors should keep in mind is to inspect these devices regularly to make sure they are in working order. Performing an inspection twice per year is generally sufficient.

Protection 1 offers a number of solutions for senior citizens to give you and your family added security and peace of mind, including automated lights, medical alarm systems and automated monitoring devices. Should you choose to install one of these systems in your home, you can expect same-day or next-day installation from an honest, friendly technician. Use these safety tips for seniors to get on the right track to a safe, healthy lifestyle.