Smart Security Systems: Home Automation for Everyone

Smart Security Systems: Home Automation for Everyone

Advances in digital technology make home automation for everyone an accessible reality. Wireless security systems offer a level of effective, personalized home protection that was scarcely conceivable even 10 years ago. These adaptable smart security systems allow you to manage your home environment from afar, providing reassurance that all is well and calling for help when needed.

Smart Security Systems for Busy People

With a remotely controlled smart security system, you gain full access to the technologies that monitor the safety of your home. Smart home security systems allow busy people to protect their homes from anywhere—at work, waiting in line or hundreds of miles away on vacation. Use a mobile app or the Protection 1 website to help manage your wireless security system. Remotely arm and disarm the system, control keyless entry and receive text and email notifications of status changes.

Protection that Spans Generations

Protect every generation of your family with easy-to-manage smart security choices. Include motion sensor cameras in your smart security system and set your preferences so you receive a video clip when your kids get home from school or when the babysitter arrives. Use automated door locks that solve the problem of lost keys and get your children inside when you are not around. For seniors, remote emergency buttons can be lifesavers, notifying the Protection 1 call center in case of trouble.

Health and Safety through Home Automation

Help keep your home and family secure with home automation systems that protect from environmental hazards and prevent structural damage. Monitored smoke, heat and carbon monoxide detectors notify a Protection 1 monitoring center when an alarm sounds if no one is home to make the call. For this reason, insurance companies prefer monitored fire safety systems and may offer discounts to families that use them. Contact your insurance agent for details.

Flexible Wireless Security for All

While everyone can benefit from automated smart home security systems, specific requirements depend on characteristics such as the location, design and size of your home as well as your family’s schedule. Learn how much protection you require without taking on more expense than you need by consulting with an expert from Protection 1.

Automation gives you great control over your safety, the safety of your family and the security of your home and belongings. When troubles arise, however, it is time to turn to someone else for help. If a threat triggers an alert in your home, the signal goes to a Protection 1 call center monitored at all times by staff who are trained to evaluate the situation and get the necessary authorities to you. An automated system delivers help more quickly than ever before.