Smart Home Activity Patterns Make Your Security System Fit Your Lifestyle

Man, woman and two girls in front of suburban home

In addition to providing the peace of mind that comes with having a home security system, it also offers cutting edge features like smart home monitoring systems. Activity patterns monitor your family’s regular movements around the house, then uses them to intelligently help conserve energy in a variety of ways. This helps you to save money on your monthly energy bill with no inconvenience on your part.

What Activity Patterns Monitor

Smart home monitoring systems connect to your existing Protection 1 security system so it can keep a record of when members of your family are home and away, by connecting their smartphone app to our system.

This information is stored and used to automatically adjust energy usage for when people are in the house and when they are out of the home. Smart home activity patterns also provide insight into when and where you use the most energy, and it can be integrated with solar panels so you can see how much of your home energy usage is being offset by solar power

Weather Monitoring

External factors such as weather also influence how much energy your home uses. Smart home activity monitoring works with your thermostat to automatically adjust heating and air conditioning usage as needed. This is accomplished using an innovative weather monitor that automatically adjusts the thermostat to deal with extreme hot or cold as well as more temperate days.

Integrating Activity Patterns with Your Security System

Smart home activity patterns can also be used with your existing Protection 1 security system. The security system provides data on when you are most likely to be home and when the house is more likely to be empty, by sensing your location through your smartphone app. At times when you are not there, the smart home monitoring system automatically adjusts the thermostat and can be programmed to automatically turn off any unnecessary lights.

Saving Money with Activity Patterns

Smart home activity monitoring is an investment in your home and family finances. First, it helps you cut back on your overall energy consumption, which may help reduce your power bill by hundreds of dollars each month. Second, it may add value to your home, making it more tempting to prospective buyers and allowing you to ask more for a sale.

With its unique weather monitor and security system integration, smart home monitoring systems are a great way to help save energy in your home. Cut costs while maintaining comfort and peace of mind with smart home activity patterns.