Stacy Greenberg’s Safety Secrets: How Video Cameras Enhance a Home Security System

Safety Secrets

I didn’t expect this: my video cameras changed everything. Just having access to the videos adds a dimension of convenience to my security and lets me go the extra mile in keeping an eye on things. It’s easy to think “Oh, the cameras just record things if there’s a problem.” But, really, they help our family watch out for each other.

For example, I like to check on my kids when they’re playing. My son plays basketball outside, and he doesn’t need me to supervise him, but it’s reassuring to be able to pull out my phone and see: “Yeah, he’s doing fine.” (Sometimes I’ll just to do it for fun, too.) If I hear a car pull into my driveway, the first thing I do is pull out my phone and see who it is.

It works the other way too! At camp visiting day, my kids were feeling homesick. So we pulled out the phone and they watched the dog walking around their living room at home. It made us all laugh. Instantly, the kids felt much better.