How to Get Your Stolen Property Back

How to Get Your Stolen Property Back

No one wants to believe that their house can be broken into, but it happens all the time.

Did you know that every thirteen seconds, a home in America is victim to a home intrusion? Not only is your privacy ransacked, but also your belongings. With an average of $2,000 to $3,000 reported in stolen property per break in, these invasions can be emotionally and financially damming. While it’s nice to think that this will not happen to us, we live in a world where this abrupt scenario happens all the time.

According to close to 2,000,000 households within a year’s time that will experience a home invasion. But when do these break ins occur? Burglars want to make home intrusions quick and simple. The majority of burglars want to force entry and then raid your home in under ten minutes when it is vacant. So break ins usually occur quickly in the daytime when you and your family are at school and work.

While your first thought will be to call the police (and rightly so), the sad truth is that possession recovery doesn’t happen often. In fact, authorities only solve cases and bring stolen property back to owners about 15% of the time. Thankfully, there are measures you can take to help get your stolen property back.

First off, check your local pawn shops; most burglars want to get rid of your stolen property fast and easy; pawn shops are an easy avenue to go down. Make sure to be as detailed as possible when contacting these shops and even show photos if you have them.

Keeping copies of the serial numbers for your most cherished belongings is the best chance you have at getting you stolen property back. If you give those serial numbers to your local police department, it will increase your chances at receiving your stolen property. There are even local online sites that you can report your stolen possessions by entering in the serial numbers on a website. These sites scan local pawn shops and other leads, ensuring you have a fighting chance in locating your goods. Lastly, check if your city authorities have a public online database that can track serial numbers from your stolen property.

Have you been in touch with your homeowner’s insurance company lately? For example, if you purchased an expensive piece of jewelry or a new top of the line flat screen, it’s a smart idea to call your insurance company to update your policy by informing them of your new possessions. Keep in mind that most insurance companies offer discounts on your premium if you own a home security system!

The best measure you can take against burglars is to have a robust home security system. Did you know that only 17% of homes in America have a home security system? Without a security system, your home is three times more likely to get burglarized. A home security system not only secures your home and family, but also gives you peace of mind.. Owning a home security system will curb your fears and give you an extra set of eyes watching out for you and your family.

Protection 1 offers easy to use and reliable home security solutions. You can control your entire home’s security system and utilities with a push of a button from your smart phone. By investing in Protection 1’s Smart Control, you can arm and disarm your security system from anywhere at any time. Also, if there is any type of disturbance in your home such as a window or door opening, you will get an alert to your smart phone immediately.

Outdoor home security is also a smart investment for your property. Outdoor security cameras scare away burglars before they can even set foot on your property. No thief wants to be caught on camera because that gives the authorities a face to match to the crime.

A stranger breaking in your home is one of the most frightening and stressful events we can face. Remember to lock up your valuables and keep copies of those serial numbers as those numbers can make a difference in bringing your stolen property back. Take precautions in protecting your home and invest in a Protection 1 home security system. Everyone deserves peace of mind knowing that their home and family are in good hands.