Be Prepared With a Wireless Smoke/Heat Alarm

Fire truck racing down road

Install a wireless smoke/heat alarm as an important emergency preparedness tool. This alarm helps protect you and your family in case of emergency, first by sounding the alarm to help you evacuate, and second by wirelessly alerting your 24-hour monitoring system to send first responders. A wireless smoke/heat alarm also helps protect your home from extreme temperatures and sends regular home status updates to your monitoring team.

Heat Detection

The heat detection sensors in a wireless smoke/heat alarm help protect your home from extreme temperatures that can quickly become emergencies, whether they involve excessive cold or heat. Heat detection works in tandem with your automated thermostat to keep the temperature in your home at a safe, comfortable level.

Smoke Detection

A wireless smoke/heat alarm also helps detect smoke and protects you and your family in the case of a fire. When the wireless smoke/heat alarm senses smoke, it both sounds a loud alarm and sends a digital signal to your security central monitoring station. This signal repeats every 20 seconds until the smoke is gone and allows the monitoring team to evaluate the situation and send help. During regular usage, the wireless smoke/heat alarm sends an hourly status update to the monitoring team to inform it that your alarm is functioning and your home is smoke-free.

Works With Existing Alarms

Another benefit of a wireless smoke/heat alarm is its ability to work with your existing smoke alarms as a smoke alarm detector monitoring unit. Place your wireless smoke/heat alarm within 6 inches of your current hardwired smoke alarm, and if that alarm detects smoke, the wireless alarm automatically contacts your security central monitoring station. This allows a team of monitors to evaluate the situation and to send first responders if necessary.

24-hour Monitoring

The 24-hour security central monitoring station is an essential part of your wireless smoke/heat alarm system. This team is there to assist you in the case of smoke or fire. If an alarm goes off, the team sends first responders to your home to manage the situation and ensure your safety. You also benefit from the daily protection of a team watching your wireless security system for updates and potential threats.

Part of emergency preparedness is developing systems to manage what you cannot control. A wireless smoke/heat alarm helps track situations that might become emergencies, whether they are sudden temperature drops or unexpected fires, and works with your security monitoring team to help keep you and your family safe.