Workplace Safety Tips

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Workplace Safety Tips from Protection 1

Theft can be a big issue in the workplace if you are not careful. You can reduce the amount of theft in the office if you stay alert, and it will also make for a safer environment. Whether you work in a large office or own a Ma and Pa store, here are some general office safety tips to keep you, your fellow employees and workplace safe.

  • If you leave your office, take your wallet or purse with you, or lock it in a drawer or a desk. Wallets and purses left on your desk (or even “hidden” underneath it) are at risk of being stolen if in clear view.
  • When leaving your desk for a short time, have someone sit in for you. Unanswered calls could alert potential thieves that your office is unoccupied, making it an easy target.
  • Under no circumstances should you leave loose money, credit cards or other important documents on your desk. It is very easy for someone to walk by and slip such items into a pocket.
  • Never leave your passwords in clear view. Anyone can walk by, write down your passwords, and then access your accounts. Keep passwords in a hidden word document, password-keeper software or a notecard that you have on you at all times.
  • Have a system in place to check in everyone who enters your office. Don’t let anyone in who isn’t supposed to be there or who is acting suspiciously.
  • Before jumping to conclusions, report anything that has gone missing to your office manager. They can alert the entire office about the missing item in hopes that it will turn up and be returned to the owner. Some cases may not be resolved internally, in which case the proper authorities may be brought in to handle the situation.
  • In case of an emergency, be sure to have a specific plan in place and practiced so everyone in your workplace knows what to do. Having everyone on the same page is vital in ensuring workplace safety during an emergency.

If you see any suspicious activity or witness a theft, be sure to contact the correct personnel to handle the situation. These workplace safety tips can stop a small situation before it escalates to an office-wide problem.