eSecure 2.0 Automation

Guide to navigating your Protection 1 home automation system menu and other home automation product features of your home security system using eSecure 2.0.


  1. Temperature Pane
    1. Mode: Manually cycle through user defined temperature presets.
    2. Fan: Toggle automatic temperature setting.
    3. Schedule: Activate a schedule to control temperature based on time.
  2. Locks and Switches Pane
    1. All: Display all connected dimmer and toggles.
    2. Locks: Display only connected locks.
    3. Switches: Display only connected switches.
  3. Scenes
    1. Mode: Select a preset or user defined scene.
    2. Play button: Activate selected scene.
    3. Edit: Edit a selected scene.
    4. Create new: Create a new scene.