eSecure 2.0 Users and Locations

Guide to navigating the Users and Location menus on your Protection 1 home security system using eSecure 2.0.

Users and Locations

  1. Add/Edit User:
    1. Administrator: Gives this login full access. This includes the ability to add/edit users, and modify notifications.
    2. Security Professional Access: Grants P1 employees temporary access to account. Allow for full access except for the ability to view Video and change user codes. Access lasts for 1 hour maximum.
    3. Enable user Sync: Allows user code management through eSecure 2.0. If selected it will gray out the “Panel User” box when adding user codes. It is recommended that this be selected. This will also stop the accidental overwriting of user codes.
    4. Prompt for user code: Requires user to enter code when using certain commands, such as arming from the Security Tab. By checking this it makes the system more secure. This prevents unauthorized access of features.
    5. Display User codes: Allows user to view user code and user position of other codes.
  2. Locations:
    1. Sync Panel Data
    2. Configure Information Services
    3. Edit slide show
    4. Location Information
    5. Time zone