eSecure 2.0 Video Controls

A guide to the eSecure 2.0 video control features of your Protection 1 home security system.

Video Controls Tab

  1. Video Control:
    1. Record Clip
    2. Snap Shot
    3. Full Screen
    4. Pan Tilt Usage. If you do not have a pan Tilt Camera the controls will not appear.
  2. Settings (Wrench):
    1. Name and Date/Time
    2. Event Capture Settings
    3. Event Notification
      1. PIR: Cameras trigger on any movement in camera’s field of vision. No blind spots or sensitivity settings.
      2. Motion: Cameras trigger based on Detection Areas. Allows for blind spots and sensitivity settings. Recommended to be individually set up per camera.
      3. Do not select both PIR and Motion, choose only one.
      4. White Light: LED light that comes on to improve visibility in dark rooms.
      5. Input and Output not available. Reserved for future use.
    4. Event Schedule
    5. Event Detection Areas
      1. Detection Areas: How to set up.
      2. Detection Areas Tip: Use smaller boxes. Video will trigger when a large percentage of the box is full. So a box that covers the entire screen will only trigger when an object takes up most of the screen’s view. Use boxes to cover specific areas.
      3. Activity Threshold: The lower the threshold (closer to the minus side) the more sensitive the area will be, causing more video clips to be recorded.
    6. Other Features