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If you’re a homeowner away for extended periods it’s hard to shake persistent worries about home security. Has anyone broken in? Has a fire broken out? Has the basement flooded? Any of these things could happen and you wouldn’t know about it.

Protection 1 security products provide frequent travelers with real-time alerts in the case that anything out of the ordinary happens and you can check in any time you like. Instant alerts and customized notifications make life on the go much easier when your peace of mind is provided 24/7 by Protection 1.

Remote operation

Imagine a security system that could be controlled entirely over the internet, straight from your smartphone or computer. Imagine a system that sends email and text alerts any time its sensors are triggered: when a door or window is opened, glass is broken or movement is detected inside.

All of our alarms work this way. Alerts are automatically generated and you can check in for a status update whenever you want. You don’t even need a landline. Our wireless GSM radio (cellular) systems work without one, so you can go landline-free and enjoy the added savings!

Premier access is available using our real-time video surveillance services. Your home is accessible online or via mobile, giving you an up-to-date in-home feed, so you can see what’s happening for yourself, wherever you are.

Automated security

When you’re on vacation home security is important, especially when you won’t always be available by phone. You need to know that your system can take care of itself. Every Protection 1 alarm system is centrally monitored, around-the-clock, every day of the year. So when they go off, they don’t just make a sound, they alert us—and we alert you and the local authorities. And that goes for our environmental safety alarms too: fire, heat, water and carbon monoxide.

Of course, the best solution is prevention. Using our home automation systems, you can set lights to turn on and off to make it look like’s someone home, timed naturally so that it looks genuine, not just an obvious pattern for a burglar to spot.

Welcome home

The same systems can be used to give you a welcome home. Geo-sensor technology can activate heating and lighting when you’re near to home so that you don’t come back to a cold, dark house.

You can even get a reminder if you forget to turn the security system on.

Whatever you worry about, we can build a customized system to calm your fears. Ask us for a free evaluation today.

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