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We know how stressful it can be sorting through the many home security companies out there. At Protection 1 we pride ourselves on being the nation’s premier home security company, so look no further!

As a Protection 1 customer you get unparalleled access to our world renowned customer service, highly regarded monitoring services, and the peace of mind that your install and maintenance will be done by trained professionals.

A Cut above the Competition

Tired of being put on hold? Frustrated waiting for technicians to show up? We have earned an A+ Better Business Bureau rating and a 97% customer satisfaction score because we take care of customers with same-day service and NO automated telephone systems. When you call customer service, a real person answers—try that with another company!

At Protection 1, we also like to make sure that you are getting the biggest bang for your buck. Unlike many home security companies out there, we provide you with savings long after you sign up. This includes:

  • Potential Homeowners Insurance Discounts
  • $1000 Deductible Protection
  • Military Discounts for USAA Members
  • Monthly Savings on your Energy Bill

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Home Monitoring Services

Protection 1’s home monitoring services ensure that you and your family always have a watchful eye and a lightning fast response unit on your side. When your security system alarm is set off, the signal is routed to a Protection 1 monitoring center. From there, a trained Protection 1 employee immediately attempts to call you to notify you of the disturbance in case it is a false alarm.

How Our Monitoring Works

Security Monitoring Timeline
  • Sensors installed throughout your home communicate activity that takes place.
  • Protection 1's security monitoring center evaluates triggered alarms to see if an emergency response is needed.
  • In the event of an emergency, local police or fire assistance will be notified.

We take monitoring seriously and always employ triple redundancy monitoring for home alarm systems. If a monitoring center goes down because of severe weather, our other systems automatically take over to continue your protection. Our capabilities are so respected, over 4,000 independent security companies contract to use our monitoring services.

Don’t go another day without Protection 1 monitoring your home and loved ones. Find out more about our home monitoring services.

Installation and Maintenance

Many home security companies will make big promises about their commitment to service and then fall short. At Protection 1 we are there for the entire process, which includes unrivaled installation and maintenance.

Protection 1 security technicians are licensed professionals that treat your home with respect. Our technicians receive extensive certification and training, and when they install a security system, customers can expect professional installation and cleanup. They know exactly how to locate security sensors in your home for the best protection.

Additionally, our security technicians go through rigorous background checks before they can step foot on your property. We take your personal security seriously and carefully screen each employee being sent to your home-whether it be for installation, service or consultation.

After your install, our maintenance team will be there to assist with any issue. When you call for service, a real live person will answer the phone and gets things moving ASAP! We will never put you into an automatic telephone response system.

Unlike most security providers, Protection 1 responds to service calls and resolves them in just one day. We are known for being brilliant with the basics—and we do what we say we are going to do.