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Geo-Services: Wireless Home Automation

Geo Services

Location-Based Wireless Home Automation

Geo-Services can help provide unprecedented control over your home with smart technology that adjusts home lighting, your HVAC or other accessories based upon the location of your smart phone. It’s really simple: you go online and create a virtual geo-fence on a map of the area surrounding your home. Now you can set your all-in-one wireless home automation to automatically adjust lights, locks, HVAC or appliances whenever you’re approaching or leaving your pre-set perimeter—or only when everyone in the family has left the premises.

Your Home Automatically Tracks Your Smart Phone

  • Thermostats that adjust when you leave and re-adjust to a comfortable setting when you cross into your geo-fence can help you enjoy energy savings
    Energy savings vary by household, occupancy and other environmental factors.
  • Get an automatic reminder if you forget to arm your security system
  • Turn your video cameras off for additional privacy when you are at home
Geo Services

Wireless Additional Keypads

Wireless Additional Keypads

Enjoy the convenience of our home alarm keypads and controls.

Convenience is having a wireless control panel that is easy to access when you need it. Our wireless keypads are a great addition to your all-in-one monitored security and home control system. They let you access your home security system and home control devices from any room in the house or out on the patio. We offer portable or fixed devices so that you can place an access point wherever you need it, or have one that you can move throughout the day. Perfect for arming from your bedroom at night, or disarming at the back door when you let the dog out late at night. Place it just about anywhere you can imagine—and add up to four keypads to your system.

Enjoy the Same Benefits With a Small Keypad

  • Full color touch screen interface for ease of use
  • Nothing hard about it—we use the same simple interface as your main keypad
  • Add up to four keypads to a system and place them all over your home
  • Enjoy easy access to Z-Wave functionality from the rooms where you spend the most time
  • See and hear system status, chimes and alerts with our audible interface
  • Automatic screen dimming extends battery life

Wireless Additional Keypad

  • Provides additional control points in the home
  • Arms and disarms security system
  • Panic & fire emergency buttons
  • Wireless setup—easily place anywhere in the home
  • Mount to a wall, or carry with you from room to room
Touch Screen Keypad
Wireless Additional Keypad

Cellular Backup

Cellular Backup

With Cellular Security Systems you don’t even need a landline.

Security systems that use GSM (cellular radio) to communicate with our monitoring station are one of the most reliable options you can choose for your home. If you do not have a landline or are thinking about dropping yours—a cellular security system can help you save you money on phone bills. GSM cellular used, as a backup to your landline, can help provide additional protection against a phone line being cut or loss of service during a power outage.

Benefits of a Cellular Signal

  • If an intruder cuts your phone line, a secure cellular security system will still help protect your home.
  • Cancel your landline and become a cellular-only household
  • If your landline service goes down in the event of a natural disaster your system can still communicate with our monitoring center
  • Severe weather alerts are still delivered to your panel even when traditional media are off the air
  • Stay connected with your home when you are on the go with web and smart phone access, email and text notifications of selected events (such as a door opening) and even Geo-Services reminders
    Message and data rates apply.

Wireless Doorbell System

Wireless Doorbell

A Doorbell That Can Alert Your Mobile Phone

When you add a wireless doorbell to your all-in-one monitored security and home control system, you’ll know when someone is at your door. You can elect to receive a text or email alert when your doorbell(s) rings. This helps provide added convenience for people who aren’t always around their home, such as when a package is delivered or a service company comes calling. You can combine the convenience of a wireless doorbell with a video camera to see who rang your bell—and access it via your smartphone.

† Message and data rates apply.

The Wireless Doorbell System That Does More

  • Looks great and fits any decor, with white UV-resistant plastic case and weatherproof seal
  • Simple wireless installation or hard-wired if desired
  • Can be placed up to 350 ft. from your control panel
  • 11 selectable chimes
  • Doorbell can illuminate Z-Wave lights when engaged
  • Choice of self-contained battery or low voltage for power
  • Battery is included with a handy low battery indicator
Wireless Doorbell

Wireless Motion Detectors

Wireless Motion Alarms

A complete selection of motion detectors for your home.

Protection 1’s wireless motion detectors help protect your home against unwanted visitors. Our high-performance motion alarms are easy to install. Wireless motion detectors help provide a second line of defense for your home, help provide full security, and can be armed or disarmed from multiple different areas in your home. Help protect your home, family, and all valuables with Protection 1’s motion detectors for your home. Motion detectors help protect large areas of the home that would otherwise require a large number of door and window sensors.

Motion Detector Features

  • Motion alarm with pet immunity
  • Covers large areas
  • Receive text alerts when motion is detected in certain areas, even when the system is not armed (ex. office or cellar)

† Message and data rates apply.

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